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Fight against soft inflammation

Soft, or silent, inflammation, which is also known as inflammaging, or inflamm’aging, is a recognized scientific phenomenon.

It is the non-genetic aging of the skin caused by chronic inflammation of the cells.

When soft inflammation occurs, the body does not begin the repair stage that should generally happen. Soft inflammation causes the release of free radicals which attacks collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which results in harm to the skin. Consequently, collateral effects include wrinkles, redness, a dull complexion and premature aging.

The skin’s defenses need to be stimulated in order to block and prevent this process.

Therefore, Bellefontaine research is focused on the fight against free radicals to protect the skin and illuminate it by boosting the skin's immune system. Each Bellefontaine treatment will stimulate the synthesis of collagen or elastin, release hyaluronic acid and result in more smooth skin.

Bellefontaine, leader in fighting against soft inflammation, has developed an exclusive complex called Edelgen®, to protect the skin cells and reduce premature aging.


Bellefontaine - a synergetic bridge between science and nature.

Peter Yip - Founder of Bellefontaine Switzerland